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Artistic Turnings From Wood

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Artistic Turning by Savannah Slim

Artistic Turning

Slim creates artistic turnings on a Oneway 2436 lathe.

The entire process is done in-house, from cutting the logs, creating designs, to turning the wood, and finishing it.
Eco-friendly using wood from downed trees

Artistic Turning by Savannah Slim

Beautiful Finishes

We take pride in our finishes!

We use a variety of finishing processes, that depend on the desired appearance of the piece and its potential utilitarian use.

Artistic Turning is Beautiful

Natural allure of turned wood

Harvested from Downed Timber

Environmentally sound practices

Hand Made With Care

Designed and hand turned in house

Custom Turned Gifts

What Our Customers Say

Fantastic Bowls
Nancy McGirr
My daughter loved the rolling pin
Colleen Richards
Christmas gifts for my boys
Herman Stone
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