What tools and machinery Slim uses


Stihl MS500i with 25" and 32" bar.


Grizzly G0636x - Ultimate 17" 5 HP Extreme Series Bandsaw. Has 16" resaw and high horsepower for preparing logs to turn. Custom made sliding table for sawing logs and attaching jigs


Oneway 2436 with 3 HP motor. This lathe can turn big. 24" swing (diameter) and up to 51" long with the bed extension.

Lathe Tools

Can't have too many lathe tools.

Deep Hollowing System

This hollowing system is a beast, capable of hollowing over 40". On the Oneway lathe, it can handle logs over 500 pounds. It features a large steady rest for stability, a massive steel bar for deep cuts, and laser and camera systems to track the cutter's position.


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